Who does what:


What we do

  • Build & manage interactive menus witharound-the-clock technology support
  • Provide around-the-clock call center support
  • Support you with marketing andsales training best practices
  • Constantly update and manage technology
  • Offer accounting, distribution of revenueand analytics for stakeholders

What you do

  • Sign up restaurants withinyour franchise territory
  • Establish & maintain the restaurantrelationships within your territory
  • Execute basic promotions within your territory
  • Enjoy worry-free maintenance
  • Jump up and down as the money comes in

Here's why it works:

Basically, there are tons of people out there who order takeout and delivery every day.

And the reality is, ordering online is fast becoming the method most people prefer. Think about the other industries that have moved online in the past 10 years. From airline tickets to sporting events to restaurant reservations, online sales have gone from 0%to almost 100% \.

But there isn't an online service available that's tailored to your niche market.

As a franchisee, you're powering OrderUp in your hometown. By building relationships with your community restaurants, you can be a leader in this fast-growing industry.

Fork and knife
of restaurant operations regard online ordering as an up-and-coming innovation
of adults are likely to use online and mobile ordering at quickservice restaurants

I think [ordering] online will eventually surpass picking up the phone.”

Philip DeSorbo Jr., Subway

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